Monday, September 10, 2012

My Time In California

I know, I am REALLY late in writing about my time in California (well, not that anyone knew that I was there anyway)!
Well, I went to CA for three weeks and had an AWESOME time! I mean, I never expected to have SO much fun!

I was debating on whether to write about it or not, but my brother insisted that I write about it because he gets bored on his lunch break and wants something to read! Aw, I miss my little brother!

Okay, I shall start at the beginning. I really didn't take that many pictures so this really won't be that long!

I went to Elder Frazier's church camp! It was the first time I had ever done anything like it! As soon I was thrown into a room with girls I didn't know, I PANICKED! I think I was having a "culture shock" moment. I just stood there awkwardly with my suitcase in hand. 

I was in the "Senior Girls" dorm. I felt like such an lady being referred to as a senior girl! HAHA! I guess that's what I get for being 21!

Right off the bat I made friends (besides there were a few girls that I already knew).

Christy, Jenny, Me, and Symphanee on "Crazy Hat Day". Unfortunately, I didn't have a crazy hat, but Jenny let me borrow her completely normal hat! :D

The girls from our room! Christy, Melissa, and I holding poor Kayla! HEHEHE!

Little group picture of some of the other senior girls!

Some of the guys! 

Heidi & Emily ... love these girls!! :)

Emily, Carissa, and Chuck (I think ... hard to tell. LOL) ... love their hats! 

The cute little lake that was there at the camp!

Basketball (not that I played ... you know my feelings about sports ... I stink at them)!

Ohhh, I'm scared!!! 

Me & Symphanee!

Me and some of the girls!! :)

My tag!!! I think I was the only one to decorate it with aliens! But, hey, what can I say? I love aliens! 

The services were the BEST thing about camp! They were phenomenal! I was so encouraged just being around youth who are hungry for God and want to live for Him!

The choir! I'm in there somewhere! I decided before I even got there that I would be in the choir because I have always loved choirs!

I think this is the only picture I got with Heidi the whole time I was in California (which is weird 'cause I hung out with her the most) ... and I look terrible! 

Kayla & I (she was so sweet!)!

Me and dear Christy!!! 

By the time camp was over I was a bit sad. It was so fun that I was depressed to leave all of my new friends! All the girls in my room were definitely THE BEST! ;)

Buuuuttt ... I was still in California for two more weeks after camp and so I had plenty of time to hang out and have fun!

I stayed at the Frazier's house the rest of the time I was there! They are GREAT people!
And I just had to take a picture of their dog ... 'cause it was the cutest thing I had ever seen! She had pink ears and a pink tail! HEHE!

Sweet Sis. Frazier!

Went to the mall in Rancho Cucamonga ... HAHA! What a funny name for a city!
Carissa & Emily making their wishes. 

One of the most fun times was when some of the youth went to eat at this restaurant called Farrells! 
Ace told the people that it was my birthday! 

Us at the table ... and unfortunately this is the only picture I got and my mouth is OPEN! I'm so dorky!

The employees came to sing me a dorky birthday song while I had to awkwardly stand there!

And I got a birthday sundae! YUM!!! 

Well, here I am at the end of this post. I must say that my trip to California was way different than I imagined it would be. I made some dear friends and had a blast. When Sis. Frazier dropped me off at LAX and I stood in line to board the airplane back to Toluca, I almost cried! 

Although I love Mexico I was a bit sad to be back! But after two weeks of being back I think I am adjusted back to my regular routine!

Peace & Love!
Until next time,