Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos

 Halloween/Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a very pagan time in Mexico. Being that it is so pagan I have never really been out and about around this time of year. Well, this time I got to go downtown with some of my friends.

I had never seen it so packed down there. You could barely walk. I was accidentally kicking and punching people the whole time while attempting to navigate through the masses.

 The whole place was lined with shops selling traditional Day of the Dead candy.

Calaveras (skulls).

There was a weird shrine:

And then we happened upon a bunch of "monsters".
Look! It's the mad hatter! :D

It took all our courage to take a picture with this evil looking man!

 Then I got chased by these two below. 
Of course, I thought it was funny. But my friends freaked out!


This guy tried roaring in my face, but ... I think he got confused after I just stood there. 



Ok, enough "monsters"!

On the bus back to my house this poor guy in the white shirt ...
... got an egg splattered on him. Of course, no one saw who did it! We all just heard the SPLAT! 
He looked angry. Then he just stiffly sat there as the everyone in the bus snickered behind his back, including me (I couldn't help it)!! 


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