Thursday, November 29, 2012

Working On The Youth

My dad recently decided to try to get our youth more involved in church and so he sat us all down and asked us what were some of the things that we would like to do in our youth group.
One of the answers was, a youth meeting with youth from the other churches in Mexico. 
My dad thought it was a good idea.

A month later (last weekend) we had the services that we requested!

Notice who's sitting on the front row of the girl's side! ...
It's Bethany Wakefield (with the blue scarf)!!!  And also notice that the guys have their faces covered (I have no idea why)!!

Abner came from Puebla to come preach the services!
He is 16, cute, and preaches really well. Needless to say, some of the girls have crushes on him!! 

The guys at the altar call.


Afterwards we went to our old church building to go eat. Several of the people from church had agreed to prepare food for all of us. 
These are five of the six "kids" that came from the church in Mexico City.

Having fun socializing!

Bethany and I!! I was sooo excited to see her!! I had so many things that I just HAD to tell her!! And the best part was that she stayed at my house so we got to stay up "all night"!

The next day we all went to have fun at the park! 
Kids on the bridge!

Me and Bethany again!! 

The girls decided to play some game. It was the strangest game.

It was like kickball/baseball except that you hit the ball with your hand. I don't think most of them got the point of the game. And my team lost BIG time!

Meanwhile ...
... the guys played Mexico's most popular sport ... Futbol!

Look at them go!!

And Bethany, who is like me and does not like sports, sat on the sideline taking pictures (thanks to her I have these pictures)!

Later all us girls went for snacks! We saw this thing that looked like a ... what are they called? ... Funnel cake! So Bethany decided to buy one to try it!
YUCK! It was not like a funnel cake at all!
Tasted like fried tortillas!

That night we had another service!
It started out good!

Then Abner preached again!
God really moved in that place and almost everyone ended up getting a blessing!
It was ... magnificent! :D

This is the group picture that we took!

Oh, and the good news is that we had a girl who had quit coming to church and she prayed back through!!!
I was really excited!!

I cannot wait to see the things that God is going to do with our youth ... if they'll let Him!!


The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Oh my goodness, you are on the ball!
Well...I had a wonderful time. The services were awesome and so was the fellowship...hehe!
Thanks for letting me stay with you guys!

Love you!


Kristen said...

who was the girl???

Dacia Loa said...

Kristen! It was Susana.