Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Birthday

Last week was my birthday!
And somehow my birthday always turns into a three day celebration!

Day 1
The actual day of my birthday was a fasting/prayer day so we didn't get to really celebrate until that night.
One of the ladies from church remembered my birthday and gave me a little cake!
So cute!

Mmmm ... tres leches.

Mother was there to eat cake with me (my dad was gone on a Pastor emergency)!

Day 2
  I got to go out with friends!
Miriam made me a cake (because she works at a bakery)!
(Reads:  U FRIEND)

We went to go eat at a burger place called Old West Burgers.
Miriam and Gabriela.

Isn't it a pretty cake?

Miriam was proud that she made it! 


I'm not sure what we were laughing at!

They wanted me to bite the cake and promised not to push my face into it.
Of course they DID try to push my face into it BUT the cake was made of some tough fondant and so my face didn't even get past the outer layer of the cake! 

Then afterwards some more of my friends showed up and we had more fun!
Daniel on a horsie! ROFL!
(I'm sure he'd be mad if he knew I put this picture up!) 

Me and Armando.

Day 3
Saturday was the day that I celebrated with both of my parents!
We went to eat at this Brazilian restaurant.
Espadas Do Brazil. In my opinion it wasn't very good. But my parents love it!

Then we went home. My mother made some cupcakes and I had gifts waiting! YAY!

The third cake stuff! 

Aren't these flowers beautiful?!

I think this was one of my BEST three day birthday celebrations! But I think I am SICK of cake now! 


P.S. (This post is for you, Lupita.)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Three Teenagers and a Little Boy

The most AWESOME thing happened last Sunday at church.

It was all just a normal service, right. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Everyone was worshiping and praying, clapping and singing to God.

My dad's voice was shot and so he couldn't sing. That meant that I was supposed to sing. But alas, things never go as planned! Our drummer was missing and so I had to play the drums instead (yes, I can keep a beat ... just a little faster than our regular drummer)! One of the ministers had to sing since my dad and I were unable to. 

So since my dad couldn't sing he was walking around through the congregation praying for people. I wasn't really paying much attention because I was too focused on my drum playing! HEHE.
Next thing I know my dad is coming up to announce that someone had just received the Holy Ghost. Someone named Sandy. I was like, "Uhhh ... who?"

She's a visitor who has visited about five times, I guess (maybe more). 

Then after a few minutes someone else received the Holy Ghost.
And then someone else ...
and someone else!

I'll admit that there for a few minutes I started banging on all the cymbals because I was so EXCITED!

But also ...
I mean, the ONLY day that I DON'T take my camera to church and people have to get the Holy Ghost! 

So I started waving at my mom (who plays the keyboard) with one drumstick while trying to keep the beat with the other!
FINALLY, I got her attention and she got out her iPod (HEHE) to take some blurry, not-so-good pictures!
Both of these girls (circled in the red heart) were visitors and both received the Holy Ghost!
Sandy and Ana Laura.

 Also ...
Angel (he hasn't been coming to church for very long either).

 And below is a picture I took last night ...
David, Sandy, and Angel (the one they're praying for). 

THREE TEENAGERS AND ONE LITTLE BOY GOT FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was SO excited that three of them were teenagers because last year we saw so many of our youth backslide. I'm hoping that this is a sign that God's going to bring us some more youth who have a desire and want to serve HIM!
It would be so amazing and encouraging!

I am really looking forward to what HE is going to do this year in our church!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Guess What! It Snowed In Toluca ...


It was just HAIL, not SNOW. 

Too bad though, huh? 


Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years In Toluca Pt. 2

Day Number Two of our New Years celebration we went to the park!

Parque Sierra Morelos

It's a park that is right by some really pretty hills!

People getting to the park on their horse ...
Just kidding. I think they were giving rides.

We had to play the Pastor's favorite sport, of course.

If you can see the ball in Sis Lucia's hands (the woman in the red) you can see that it appears bigger than a normal baseball. Well, that's because my dad decided to look for all our baseball equipment right before we left and he couldn't find any balls. So we had to use a VOLLEYBALL! 
He. He. He. He. 
Only in Mexico!

Then after a few games of baseball the women went to play basketball. 

Don't they look like pro's? 

Meanwhile the men played Soccer.

And unfortunately, that was all of the pictures that I got from the park. I really DID mean to take more but I forgot. Really. Honestly. 

Of course, all of this was all good and fun, but who got stuck with all the cleanup?
Yea, me. 
And we're talking some serious dirtiness.  

Never again will I let my dad have pinatas in the church! Because every single inch of the floor was covered with sticky candy residue. ... Now I'm not complaining (well, actually I am), but it took me EIGHT hours to clean it all up! I mean, c'mon, really?! Candy goes in your mouth, kids, not on the floor!

Anyway, disregard all of the complaining about having to clean. He! He! Even with all of that it was still fun!


P.S. Oh yeah. And the best part about it all was that that night I got to go out with some of my friends to eat. 
So in the US that is like no big deal, but here it is a BIG deal for us "kids" to be out at night driving our own vehicles (or our parents ... since I don't have my own vehicle)!
But alas, I forgot to take any pictures of that too!


Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years in Toluca Pt. 1

Happy New Years to all of you!
I cannot believe that it is 2013 already.

This year was quite the BEST end of the year I've ever had. Not that it was really any more fun or different than any other year. I think I just appreciated it more this year since I am now fun-deprived in my life (He.He.). 

We decided to have a "party" to bring in the New Year. My dad thought it would be fun to have some pinatas for the kids. 
He bought three and brought them to the church where ...

... I was working.
Did I mention that I am the cleaning lady now? Yep.

I felt like I was at the church forever before everyone actually arrived. You know Mexican culture. Tell them that the party starts at 8 o'clock and no one shows up until 9:30. And then not everyone showed up, but it was enough people to have fun! :D
Everyone bowing their heads to pray for the food. This time I took an Apple Caramel cake that everyone thought was really good (I forgot to take a picture of it). Of course, my secret was that I made it from a box! No one has to know that though! 

Gathering around to get food.

Gaby, Susana and Miriam eating!

Mother and Father Loa. (My mother even took picadillo this time! Way to go, mom!)

Some of them turned over our "baptismal tank" to use it as a table. Smart.

Gaby, Susana, Miriam, Me, and Carlos. We were about the only youth that showed up, I think. Yep.

I was trying to take Samuel's picture and the stinkin' kid gets up and walks away!

The kiddos. Good thing they showed up for the pinatas! 

Bro. Escobar hanging up the rope for the pinata.

Bro. Nacho got to be the one to move the pinata around. 

The sisters watching the excitement.

The brothers.

Since there were three pinatas my dad divided it into groups. The little kids got to go first.
"Dale, dale, dale!"


The older kids next ...
Cathy was pretty good at it!

Dalia busted it open!

Then guess who got to hit the next pinata!!!
That's right ... YOURS TRULY!

My dad said that the third pinata was for the adults. Of course, no one wanted to go. I jokingly raised my hand. But then when my dad called me I was like, "Oh, no, I don't want to do it." 
Everyone started chanting, "Dacia, Dacia, Dacia!" And I had to do it or be a poor sport. 

And do it I did! HEHE! They put a blind-fold on me and spun me around three times.
I took half the pinata out with the first strike! The whole church roared in surprise.
I felt pretty proud!

I  probably would've broken it in half except that Bro. Nacho kept moving it:

But Susana had to go after me and she broke it apart!! 

After the pinatas we had testimonies, prayer, and songs!
Then I got to go outside with the kids and blow up my firecrackers!
Notice how smokey it looks in this picture. This is due to the fact that in Mexico there are really no laws about fireworks. Everyone and their dogs pop so many (and dangerous ones too) that the air gets really smokey!


After we finished with my bag I noticed a strange phenomena on the ground. So we all gathered around to look.
666. Spooky!!
We came to the conclusion that they were caused by the three airplane firecrackers that I had that would spin up into the air!

Most of the people left around 12:30. But with the few kids that were left and my friend, Susana, we gathered random trash from the street and made a little bonfire!

The Bro. Raul graciously gave us a wooden crate from his pick-up truck and we got an even better fire going!

By the time I got in bed that night to go to sleep it was 4 a.m. 2013!!