Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas In Taxco

I went to stay at some of my friends' (in our church) house last week. See, since I no longer have any siblings at home I make people invite me over or to their parties! So I made a plan with some of the girls and got to go stay at their house because poor little ole me didn't wanna be alone on Christmas (yes, my parents were home but weren't going to do anything).

On Christmas we decided to go to a town about three hours away (or maybe two). It's called Taxco and it's a silver town. They have silver mines there and so the whole town is dedicated to selling things made out of silver.

It had been so long since I'd been there that I'd forgotten how pretty it is!

A town where almost all of the buildings are painted white (I think it's mandatory). 

Isn't this picture so beautiful?!

Hno. Gabriel and Hna. Rosa went with us because they think we'll be kidnapped if we go alone. LOL!

Miriam, Gabriela, and Me!

We went to the "zocalo" in this little van that is like a mini bus. HEHE. They ride around with the door open! So cool!

This was the church in the center of the town!

Very pretty. I loved it! 

The inside was actually kind of creepy though.

Skulls and bones.

Weird images.

And this kind of stuff just freaks me out!! 

But there was a really pretty organ in there!

And lots of gold! 


Miriam and Gaby.

Outside the church!

Lots of people where out and about.

A pretty, giant "noche buena".

Nativity scene.

One thing I found to be very charming about Taxco were the narrow streets!

Look at these pretty flowers that we bought!

Walking around we saw this same sign that I have recently been seeing all over Toluca.
Visas for the U.S. and Canada ... 

And then something that irked me:
Prohibited to litter (throw down trash)!

And so what does everyone do? ...

On the way back to Toluca we stopped to eat Barbacoa (which is sheep meat). YUCK.
It was basically a restaurant at someone's house.

Look at the giant, half-liter Coke in a glass bottle!

I ended up having some company at my side of the table. I didn't like the tacos (not a big fan of sheep) and so I was throwing half of my food to this ugly cat!
He's eating a tortilla!


That was pretty much there was to all of it! And no, sorry, I didn't go into any of the silver shops this time around so I didn't take any pictures! 
I'll hafta do that next time.

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