Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Birthday

Last week was my birthday!
And somehow my birthday always turns into a three day celebration!

Day 1
The actual day of my birthday was a fasting/prayer day so we didn't get to really celebrate until that night.
One of the ladies from church remembered my birthday and gave me a little cake!
So cute!

Mmmm ... tres leches.

Mother was there to eat cake with me (my dad was gone on a Pastor emergency)!

Day 2
  I got to go out with friends!
Miriam made me a cake (because she works at a bakery)!
(Reads:  U FRIEND)

We went to go eat at a burger place called Old West Burgers.
Miriam and Gabriela.

Isn't it a pretty cake?

Miriam was proud that she made it! 


I'm not sure what we were laughing at!

They wanted me to bite the cake and promised not to push my face into it.
Of course they DID try to push my face into it BUT the cake was made of some tough fondant and so my face didn't even get past the outer layer of the cake! 

Then afterwards some more of my friends showed up and we had more fun!
Daniel on a horsie! ROFL!
(I'm sure he'd be mad if he knew I put this picture up!) 

Me and Armando.

Day 3
Saturday was the day that I celebrated with both of my parents!
We went to eat at this Brazilian restaurant.
Espadas Do Brazil. In my opinion it wasn't very good. But my parents love it!

Then we went home. My mother made some cupcakes and I had gifts waiting! YAY!

The third cake stuff! 

Aren't these flowers beautiful?!

I think this was one of my BEST three day birthday celebrations! But I think I am SICK of cake now! 


P.S. (This post is for you, Lupita.)


Cesiah Gonzalez said...

Awwww Happy belated birthday girl!!!
Love ya!!!:)

Elias said...

Happy birthday!!!

and Hey Cesiah ^^^ hahaha