Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years In Toluca Pt. 2

Day Number Two of our New Years celebration we went to the park!

Parque Sierra Morelos

It's a park that is right by some really pretty hills!

People getting to the park on their horse ...
Just kidding. I think they were giving rides.

We had to play the Pastor's favorite sport, of course.

If you can see the ball in Sis Lucia's hands (the woman in the red) you can see that it appears bigger than a normal baseball. Well, that's because my dad decided to look for all our baseball equipment right before we left and he couldn't find any balls. So we had to use a VOLLEYBALL! 
He. He. He. He. 
Only in Mexico!

Then after a few games of baseball the women went to play basketball. 

Don't they look like pro's? 

Meanwhile the men played Soccer.

And unfortunately, that was all of the pictures that I got from the park. I really DID mean to take more but I forgot. Really. Honestly. 

Of course, all of this was all good and fun, but who got stuck with all the cleanup?
Yea, me. 
And we're talking some serious dirtiness.  

Never again will I let my dad have pinatas in the church! Because every single inch of the floor was covered with sticky candy residue. ... Now I'm not complaining (well, actually I am), but it took me EIGHT hours to clean it all up! I mean, c'mon, really?! Candy goes in your mouth, kids, not on the floor!

Anyway, disregard all of the complaining about having to clean. He! He! Even with all of that it was still fun!


P.S. Oh yeah. And the best part about it all was that that night I got to go out with some of my friends to eat. 
So in the US that is like no big deal, but here it is a BIG deal for us "kids" to be out at night driving our own vehicles (or our parents ... since I don't have my own vehicle)!
But alas, I forgot to take any pictures of that too!


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Hannah E said...

Haha it's a big deal for me and Holly to go eat with friends!:D