Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Live In A Prison Compound Now

The all new and improved compound we live in! 
Not only do we have an electric fence, but now we also have barbed wire!

Doesn't it look like a prison?!

Uncle Bouncer smiling for my camera!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Found A New, Quick Way To Start A Fire ...

It got really cold here and actually snowed on the volcano (it never snows in the city)!

My friend, Lupita, came to stay at my house and with all the cold weather we decided to have a "bonfire" and tell scary stories and stuff like that!

We went in search of wood to make a fire, but we mostly found cardboard and a few books! 

But we did find some wood!
And when it was time to start the fire ... guess how I got it to start!!

With hairspray!

And boy, did it blaze! 

This is not a recommended method with which to light a fire as it can actually cause you to BURN yourself!
So ... don't try this at home kids! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Araceli & Lorenzo's Wedding

About a week ago we had the second real wedding in our church. But this time it was extra special because it was actually two "kids" from our church who fell in love!

Us women had a BIG cleaning day at the church and I went to make sure everything went smooth!
And I also made sure that they left an aisle between the pews (they aren't usually like that).

They made some wooden stairs for the platform!

We had rehearsal. 

Aren't these kids just sooo cute??? Ellie, Israel, and Samuel.

Pastor Loa and Lorenzo (the groom) practicing their entrance.

Marcelo and Isabel (the grooms' parents).

Catalina and Tomas (the brides' parents).

All of us were waiting up there to come down!

Juan and Lupita.

Angel and Sandy.

Carlos and Me.

German and Gaby.

Guillermo and Miriam.

Trying to figure out where we were supposed to stand!

Araceli and her dad ... and all the little kids holding the pretend train!

The next day, everyone in the wedding was supposed to be at the church an hour before the wedding, which was supposed to start at 2 o'clock sharp. Of course, my family and I were the only ones actually there at 1 o'clock.
We thought this was the only decoration they were going to have! HEHE!
I was like: Ohhhhhhkkkkaaaayyyy!

ME holding all of the girls' bouquets!

Lupita fixing Miriam's hair in the bathroom!! 

Araceli waiting around upstairs for the wedding to start!

The girls trying to fix her dress ... they took my safety pin out of my skirt and stapled my skirt together instead! I had my fingers crossed the whole time that it wouldn't fall off of me!! HEHEHE! That would've made for a memorable wedding, someone's skirt falling off!

Us girls!

The flower decorations they finally added in the aisles.

Okay, so the wedding didn't end up starting until 3 o'clock. 

The parents lighting the candles.

Pretty flowers, huh?! 

Juan and Lupita!!!!!

Angel and Sandy.

German and Gaby.

Guillermo and Miriam.

Us girls!!! I think we actually looked pretty cute, even if we did look like pumpkins and Halloween! 

The flower girls!

*Da Dum Da Dum*
Araceli and her daddy!


Pastor Loa talking. ... I didn't hear any of it. I was just trying to focus on NOT laughing the whole time I was up there so all the words just went into one ear and out the other! 

Lighting the unity candle!

In love!!! So sweet! They were crying!

The guys!!! 

Husband and Wife!! Lorenzo and Araceli!
She looked so pretty and happy!!!


They really were happy! They just don't smile all that often!

The wedding party! The guys were all so short though that two of them were cut off in the back! 

All of the flower petals outside on the ground afterwards!

Pastor and Sis. Loa with the bride and groom afterwards!

The entrance: My Wedding, Lorenzo, Araceli.

Then we went to the reception!
The cake was beautiful, and it tasted really good too!

Waiting on the food! 

Lorenzo getting money taped onto his shirt.

They played some crazy Mexican wedding game where the object of the game was to try to separate the bride and groom.

All of the men piled onto Lorenzo and they all fell to the ground!! 
HAHA! It was all pretty funny! But unfortunately, everyone was blasted the next day at church for playing such a carnal game! HEHEHE! Oh well, at least I didn't participate!

All in all it was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful sight to see two people commit their lives to each other.
But did it make me want to get married?? ... NOPE!
He! He! He!