Tuesday, March 19, 2013

February: Visitors & A Wedding Shower

So I actually forgot that I had a blog until like a couple of days ago when someone reminded me about it!
I completely forgot to post about our special services and all the visitors we had!!

This all happened in February!
People dancing around in church!

Evangelist Wilson was down here!

Bro Riley also.

And Bro. Davis!! 



More dancing!

And we had three baptisms!
David, Sandy, and Jacinto.

This is the girl that received the Holy Ghost in one of my last posts. She has been coming and seems to be doing really well!

Praising God after being baptized!


And a little boy, David (he is also one of the ones who received the Holy Ghost)!

 As is custom the last night there was a dinner, except this time the whole church was invited!

 There was a looooong table (actually the only table there) reserved for Ministry!
I thought that was so cute that they had the idea to put those cards that said: Reserved Ministry!

And of course, no visit with Bethany would be complete without a picture!!!! 

And then last month (at the very end of the month) we also had a wedding shower for one of the girls in our church who was getting married!
I came up with the grand idea to throw the shower and to make a ton of cupcakes and junk!
Look at all that yummy icing!!! 

Notice my ghetto tray for my cupcakes! I didn't know how else to transport them so I just used a lid off of a crate! HEHEHE! I've got that Mexican creativity in me!

Unfortunately, the whole party started all wrong because my parents were out of town and I had to depend on other people for a ride!! ARG!
These were the house gifts that they were giving to Araceli!

The women decided to fill a blanket with flour and throw Araceli in the air!

So they did it!

And flour flew everywhere and got on my camera lens.

Araceli full of flour!!

And unfortunately, after that my camera quit working because of all of the flour! 

So that's it for last month!!!!

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Kristen said...

I'm glad they didn't do the whole flour/blanket toss with me at my shower!

p.s. how do you like that I'm leaving you so many comments? :D