Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Don't Think I'm In Mexico Anymore ...

I always love coming to the United States of America. Actually, I take that back, I really NEVER like coming. HE. HE.
But alas, every six months we MUST come back.

I guess the reason I don't like coming is because I do not like to travel. Plus, I am a homebody. I would just rather be at home in Mexico sitting in my room rather than to be in the U.S.A. seeing people.

But one thing I really love when we come back is crossing that border and immediately seeing the American flag, signaling that we are now on U.S. soil. But what I love even MORE is when you also begin to see all those big blue, white, and red flags with one BIG star. Every time I see this flag I just feel proud ...
Proud to be a TEXAN! 

I was also happy to see my "little" brother! I didn't even realize that I missed him until I saw him. Weird how that works, huh? For the first time in our lives we even hugged each other ... well, for about five seconds. Then we're like, "Okay, that's enough!"
But I'm glad to know that he misses me. Of course, who wouldn't miss me? 

And Jacob also misses Mexico so much that he bought this ghetto looking cap that has the Mexican flag on it! Gosh, he'll probably be deported wearing that thing! HAHAHA!

 Oh yeah, my brother was telling me all about his job using a bunch of terminology that I didn't understand at all! And he wanted to show me the tool belt that he wears on his job (he's learning to be an electrician ... or however you say that).
I really loved the tool belt and decided that I just HAVE to be an electrician too (but I also want to be a firefighter, college English teacher, writer, and a psychologist. So we'll see how that all works out ... Hehehe)!  

Peace out from Texas.