Sunday, May 12, 2013

Overdue Post

So yeah, it's been a long while since I have blogged.
That's mostly due to the fact that nothing interesting has been happening in my life! 

I've just been in the good ole state of Texas for a while staying with my sister.

Speaking of my sister ...
I completely forgot to mention that she is HAVING A BABY!
This picture is already a few weeks old (she looks really small)!

And I (of course) have already bought a little onesie that says:
Because I am going to be the BEST auntie in the world!

Just giving a quick run down of my life lately. 
It consists of a lot of eating out:

And hanging out with my beautiful sister and brother (sigh, I miss them both SO much).
My dear brother, Jacob was nice enough to help us do some work.

And we grilled (like I said, I've been eating a lot)! Yum. Yum.

Oh, and we also got a FLAT tire!
This is my brother-in-law, David (I don't know if I've ever introduced my blog readers to him)!

My sister showing off her bigger baby bump! HAHAHA! 

OH! And speaking of babies ...
This is Storm and Riot. We found them in the garage and I sort of stole them from their mother to raise them as my own (He. He. He.).

My little Storm didn't fair the storm of life too well though ... and let's just say that he is now living a better life in kitten paradise.  :'( 

And QUIT blaming me everybody! He STILL could've died if I would've left him with his mother! How was I supposed to know that my sister's dog would attack him and cause his death? At least his sister, Riot, is a fighter and is doing well!

Me and my friend, Hannah. 

Okay, so today after church we (me and Hannah) were back in the hallway in the church and she found a SNAKE!
It was just a baby though! But I captured it so that I could show it to my brother.

And we finally took some pictures together today.
Kristen, Mother, Me, and Jacob.

Us with our abuelita! 


So now I am just waiting around to go back home and get back to normal life. 
I guess the next time I write I will be back there!
So peace out!


Kristen said...

YAY! a blog post about ME! :D hehe j/k

Dolores Frade said...
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