Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Camping Out With The Girls

Last Friday night I went to a sleepover at Lupita's house. The other girls from church went too and we decided to sleep outside in tents (I was crossing my fingers hoping that it wouldn't rain).

And sorry, but my camera was taking horrible pictures and so I didn't take very many! Plus, you know how girls are ... they hate when you take their picture!
Gaby & Gaby setting up the tents!

Lupita claimed the orange tent for us (you know, her favorite color)!

We made a fire. I had to go buy firewood first though because amazingly NO ONE thought to bring any! I guess they thought we were just going to have a fire out paper and plastic?!
But see the makeshift metal bowl in there? Well, they decided to boil water in there and then put chocolate in a soda can (that was cut in half) so that they chocolate would work. I guess it was "live off the land" night because we could have just melted the chocolate in the microwave! 

Yes, one of the few pics I took.
Gaby was obsessed with putting alcohol (I promise it wasn't alcohol to drink! Hahaha!) on her hand and then catching her hand on fire. It was very interesting. But unfortunately, the alcohol ran out before I could take a picture of the fire on her hand.

Two of the girls left in the morning and so the three of us left decided to have a water fight (mostly because we had a 13 year old with us and didn't want to bore her to death!)
We took random clothes out of Lupita's closet to wear. And come to think of it we just left them in a pile in her room ... didn't even bother to help wash them! HAHAHA! I'm such a rude guest!

Gaby, Lupita, and Me.


Me and Lupita arguing! Because she "won"! 

I think she was the one having the most fun!

Lupita the red-nosed human!


Kristen said...

you know what?! I don't ever remember seeing this post! How did I miss this?!

Dacia Loa said...

You really never saw it? Strange, mija, very strange!