Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Experience In A Mexican Hospital

If you HATE reading, EXIT now!
Because this might is going to be a long post! 

For those of you who didn't know, I recently had to make a trip to the hospital.
Now don't freak out! I didn't have a heart attack or anything like that.

The (thankfully) boring fact is that I had to have my gallbladder removed (lots of unbearable pain, from which I will spare you the details).
Anyway, we found a doctor here in Toluca who came highly recommended by some people in our church.
And my dad chose a hospital.

Last Tuesday is when I went in to have surgery. I took my camera because I wanted to document my time there because I knew that I MUST blog about it! (He.He.He.)

They started out by putting an IV in my arm. I have sort of a new fascination with needles being put into my arm (every since I went to have my blood drawn a couple of weeks ago)! Let me tell you people, it DOESN'T hurt. Goodness, the way people go on about being scared of needles and such I really expected to be traumatized! 

This is when they were wheeling me out to surgery. Everyone kept asking me if I was nervous. I honestly did not feel nervous at all (and I really mean that, I'm NOT just trying to be tough). I mean, what's the worse that could happen? (Death?)

I was wheeled to the surgery room and made to get onto about a million different gurneys. After that I was taken to a room where about a hundred people were introducing themselves to me. And then they started pumping me full of anesthesia . The lady asked me if I drink alcohol. I was like, "No." She  said, "Well, you're fixing to feel drunk."  The dizziness that ensued sure felt strange. And then before you know I was out! Gone! 

Two Hours Later ...

Next thing I know, I'm moving. My eyes flutter open and I see all these faces, with masks on, hovering over me. And I'm on this "cart" being pushed down a long, dimly lit hallway. I was quite disoriented. 
"Where am I? Who are these people?" 
Then it all came back to me. 
"Ohhh, I am at the hospital. They're done with my surgery already?"
Of course, after that I think I faded back into unconsciousness a few times because I don't remember them putting me back into my bed.
I look weird, huh?! HAHA!

The doctor came to give my parents my gallbladder in a jar. Kind of gross.
My eyes might be open but I don't remember this at all.

After that I had some visitors. But at that point I was still halfway out of it and so most of their visit is foggy.
And I didn't get a picture either! Arg. 

But then I did have more visitors. Of course, I KNEW that all of the Caltzontzin family would come see if the surgery turned out fine because they are like family!
But it still almost brought a tear to my cheek to see them all there (there was actually a rule that no more than two people were supposed to be in the room at one time, but hey, who follows rules?)!

My buddy Carlos came to see me too, and he is the only one that brought me a gift! Aww! 

Well, during the visit with all of the folks in the pictures above I grew very sick. Nausea began creeping in and they had to find me a container and held me up while I gagged and gagged. 

After they left that is when all the "fun" started though. I began vomiting again and again. YUCK!
And then the doctor came and they hooked more tubes up to my arm!
The medicine only kept the nausea at bay for about three hours though.

Needless to say, I kept my poor, dear mother up all night with all the throwing up. You know, you never really appreciate your mother until things like that happen where you are too weak to get out of bed but she is there to take care of you. 

Hospitals are all new to me which is why I HAD to take a picture of these things! 

By the morning time I felt miserable. I don't think I had ever felt so terrible in my entire existence.
When the doctor finally showed up to check on me he said that I was dehydrated and that my blood pressure was really low. So they came to hook more stuff up to me.

By this time I had already gone through like twenty nurse changes. And around this time is when a lady nurse showed up who was slightly rude and definitely has something against Americans. First off she started scolding me and telling me that I shouldn't lie to the doctor. She said that I had told them one thing and told the doctor another. And so she was standing there basically calling me a liar (all because the doctor got onto the nurses because of something I said ... HAHAHA). 

Poor me. She very nearly made me cry. And so then afterwards when she came back to check on me and ask if I felt any better (because they had pumped me full of ... something. I don't know what). Guess what I did? I, Dacia Loa, was actually rude for the FIRST time in my life. I had decided that I didn't like her so when she asked if it had made me feel any better at all, I said: "No, I feel exactly the same. It didn't change anything." But you would have had to see my face and hear my tone of voice to understand that yes, I WAS being rude! (But I was also being truthful because it didn't make me feel any better.)  

At that point she started going on, railing against the U.S. and our government (which I can understand), but what made me upset is that she had never been there so how can she talk about it? (Just like all of you people out there who talk bad about Mexico without never having been down here to see what it's all about.) Though she did seem fascinated by the fact that I have a white mother but can speak English and Spanish. HAHAHA!

Anyway, to make a longer story shorter ...
My dad finally arrived (he had left to go home the night before). And as you can see my room had an awesome view of the highway (never realized that traffic there doesn't stop. Oh, the noise!)!

And look at the electric wiring mess out there! 

Well, then they forced me to get up and walk around for ten minutes. That was definitely torture because every time I would stand up I would get the urge to barf. 

Finally, after I felt better they brought me some food. 

And (FINALLY) around four o'clock p.m. I was able to go home!
My first ride in a wheelchair! (Forgive the scary look. What do you expect, I had been in the hospital all night!)

Anyway, if it hadn't been for the fact that I got sick it would've been the perfect stay. And overall everyone was really nice. And the doctor, he was really nice too. 
Plus, I got a "free" pair of house shoes out of the deal!

So I have just been in recovery since. And I know that a lot people who knew about this were praying for me. Believe me, those prayers were appreciated! I am getting better everyday. And I must just say "thank you" to God for keeping me safe. It might be a routine surgery, but anything can happen (there's my pessimistic side bleeding out). And let me tell you that I never imagined that I would be having surgery at the age of twenty-two. But the good news is that I was informed that other than my gallbladder I am healthy as a horse! 

Oh, and I did  have some more visitors. The Cartas brought me a basket full of a bunch of delicious fruit!
Yum Yum! And we've almost eaten it all already!

Peace & Love!

P.S.  If you find this to be a BORING post with too much writing ... get over it! Nah, just kidding. But this post is mostly aimed at my brother and sister who I am sure are dying to hear all of the details about this. Because I know they were both happy to hear that their favorite sibling is still alive! HEHEHE! Yes, I AM the favorite!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gonzalez's Visit

Okay, so in the title I wasn't sure whether to call it: Gonzalez' Visit or Gonzalez's Visit. I'm no English whiz so I have no clue what the proper form would be. 

Now that we have that cleared up ...

About a week ago (plus a few days) Bro. and Sis. Gonzalez came to visit us here in Toluca.

We didn't have special services. We just had our regular services.

God moved right away though. There was a first time visitor. 
And she went right up to the altar, raised her hands, and God filled her with the Holy Ghost!
 It was beautiful!

The people get animated! Look at those open mouths!

Then one of our boys (he's fourteen) received the Holy Ghost!
And also a little boy named Isaac received the Holy Ghost that night too, but I didn't get a picture!

A few nights later we baptized all of them!
Dad, Roberto (he's the one that received the Holy Ghost about two months ago), Isaac, Alejandro, and Maria de Carmen.

This baptism was so precious. It is a rare thing to see souls that are so hungry!

Isaac going under in Jesus' name!

Sorry, I really have a thing for taking the picture when they are under the water! 


Bro. Gonzalez preaching! The people really respond well to him!

My parents then made a trip to our church in Veracruz, taking the Gonzalez's (??? ... there we go again) along with them! I, as usual, stayed behind in Toluca (I don't like making the eight hour car trip, since I suffer from car sickness). 
This is the little church building down there that the people built!
So cute, right??

The people!

Bro. Damaso playing some 'alabanzas' on the guitar!

Bro. Gonzalez preaching down there!

Hna. Miriam, Sis. Mom, Sis. and Bro. Gonzalez, Bro. Dad, and Hno. Gabriel!

Well, to summarize the whole two weeks that they were here:
It was awesome and my family really enjoyed having company. Plus, our church loved hearing the word of God!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun Things We Do

I've been meaning to write for awhile now!  

A couple of weeks ago, or maybe a few, my dad actually decided to do something fun for the youth (surprise, surprise)!
He took us to La Marquesa.

We rode four-wheelers and basically got covered from head to toes in mud because it was raining.

Okay, but the WORST, ahem, BEST part was that we got to go zip-lining!!!
Gaby and me were so brave! :D

The guys who did it (some of them were too chicken)!

I am the only one they got a picture of!
And let me tell you. 
Zip-lining. Is. Boring. 
Like, no adrenaline rush at all (well, aside from when you are waiting in line and getting yourself all worked up into a panic because you remember how you almost always faint when you get on that stupid ride at Six Flags where your feet are dangling in the air and you feel like when they shoot you up into the air that you are going to slip under that bar that is around you shoulders and fall down SPLAT to the ground and then everyone is going to sue Six Flags because they don't have enough security on their rides and I know the point is for them to be like some sort of adrenaline packed fun and adventure but ... this is the longest run on sentence ever).

Oh, look, it's Bro. Dad!

Then a few of us rode the horses!!
SIGH. I love those beautiful creatures.
But one of their names was: Taliban. Which made me wonder if the owner isn't anti-American.

Riding through the mountains! See my horse's ear? I felt pretty talented riding a "fiery horse with the speed of light, and a cloud of dust" whilst snapping pictures on my camera! Hi-yo, Silver (okay, his name was really "Rain")! SLOW DOWN YOU DUMB BEAST! Okay, I have a hard controlling horses. Let's just say I'm no lone ranger.
Don't judge me!  

Hno. Gabriel 

Beautiful scenery!

Sigh. Beauty.

Anyway, that's all!
I mostly just wanted to tell everyone: