Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gonzalez's Visit

Okay, so in the title I wasn't sure whether to call it: Gonzalez' Visit or Gonzalez's Visit. I'm no English whiz so I have no clue what the proper form would be. 

Now that we have that cleared up ...

About a week ago (plus a few days) Bro. and Sis. Gonzalez came to visit us here in Toluca.

We didn't have special services. We just had our regular services.

God moved right away though. There was a first time visitor. 
And she went right up to the altar, raised her hands, and God filled her with the Holy Ghost!
 It was beautiful!

The people get animated! Look at those open mouths!

Then one of our boys (he's fourteen) received the Holy Ghost!
And also a little boy named Isaac received the Holy Ghost that night too, but I didn't get a picture!

A few nights later we baptized all of them!
Dad, Roberto (he's the one that received the Holy Ghost about two months ago), Isaac, Alejandro, and Maria de Carmen.

This baptism was so precious. It is a rare thing to see souls that are so hungry!

Isaac going under in Jesus' name!

Sorry, I really have a thing for taking the picture when they are under the water! 


Bro. Gonzalez preaching! The people really respond well to him!

My parents then made a trip to our church in Veracruz, taking the Gonzalez's (??? ... there we go again) along with them! I, as usual, stayed behind in Toluca (I don't like making the eight hour car trip, since I suffer from car sickness). 
This is the little church building down there that the people built!
So cute, right??

The people!

Bro. Damaso playing some 'alabanzas' on the guitar!

Bro. Gonzalez preaching down there!

Hna. Miriam, Sis. Mom, Sis. and Bro. Gonzalez, Bro. Dad, and Hno. Gabriel!

Well, to summarize the whole two weeks that they were here:
It was awesome and my family really enjoyed having company. Plus, our church loved hearing the word of God!



Kristen said...

So neat that she received the Holy Ghost on her first visit! Also, in the 3rd picture it looks like he has no wrist. :D

The Veracruz building has come along nicely!

Dacia Loa said...

Oh my! You are right! It looks as if he has metal bars for wrists of something! :))