Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Church I Saw In Queretaro

There's a newer "saint" that has been growing in popularity in Mexico. 
Now it is not an official saint sanctioned by the Roman Catholic church, but that hasn't stopped it from gaining popularity amongst the Catholics anyways (especially the ones who are involved with the drug cartels).

The name of this saint is: Santa Muerte.
Or in English, Saint Death (or Holy Death, depending on how you want to translate it).

As we were driving home from the U.S. border a month ago my dad spotted this church:
Sanctuary of Saint Death (or Holy Death). 
If you look on the right side of the building you can see a painting of the saint. It looks like the grim reaper.

I am not really sure what this so-called saint is all about. I don't know whether they think it will protect them from death or what, but I have one question. Who in their right mind would want to worship a "saint" called death???

Okay, I just wanted you all to see this picture! 



Kristen said...

I read about this saint not long ago. I can't remember exactly what it said. Something like it being popular among the drug people. Them burning candles to it before doing a killing to protect them...or something like that. Very evil.

Dacia Loa said...

Yeah, Jacob used to know some guys here in our neighborhood who said that was their saint. And they were pretty thuggish sooo ... :D