Friday, November 15, 2013


So guess what else I am doing?!

I had been getting a lot of requests from a lot of the younger girls at church to teach them to play the keyboard. So I decided that since I have nothing better to do that I would do it. Besides, once I leave who is going to fill in for the musicians who are sometimes not available?! 
(Like when my mother fractures her finger and cannot play. True story.)

Can I brag on myself for a little while? It's been a while since I have written a full out conceited piece about myself.
My parents seem determined to boot me out of their house in the near future. So I decided to tally up all of the things that I help out with in our church.

I sing.

I play the keyboard.
(This is such an old picture because no one ever takes new pictures of me!)

And I also fill in on the drums when I am needed.
(Of course, this is just a picture of me playing my brother's drums).

PLUS, when my dad wants someone to play the rhythm on the guitar so he can play his lead part ... who does he call? 
ME, of course!

You can just call me a Jack-of-all-Trades but just in a musical sense! 
Now I am not claiming to be a pro or anything, I'm really not even that good at any of those things, but at least I do them. At least I help out. And that is the point!

So my point (#2) was that when I leave what are they going to do without me?

All of this bragging leads me to the point (#3) of this post. And that is that I decided to teach keyboard lessons to the girls so that when I leave they can be the fill-ins when needed.

I started out with about four students. But today when I went to teach only two of them showed up.
Gaby is learning really quickly!

And Dalia seems to have a natural talent, as well.

I think both of these girls could really become our next generation of keyboard players if they just stick with it! If they actually learn I am going to feel so proud!

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog even when I get a big head and write about myself. 
Sometimes I just cannot help it. I feel like I am taken for granted. (Hehehe.)



Kristen said...

makes me very happy to see Dalia wanting to play! :)

Dacia Loa said...

I know! Me too!