Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Turkey Day

Even though Thanksgiving was on Thursday we didn't have our little dinner until Friday.

The only thing dad did (besides foot the bill) was cut the turkey meat for us!

And even though I made everyone think that I was going to take lots of pictures ... I didn't.
I really wanted to invite people over but NOOOO.
So it was just us three. Kind of sad. I think we were all about to cry at the table reminiscing the old days when all us kids lived at home.

If you study the beautiful food on my plate you shall see (in the upper right corner) that I actually added some stuffing on there. I still didn't really care for it though. But if I continue to eat it every year surely eventually I will end up liking it.

I was in charge of making the desserts. 
This is the chocolate four layer pie! It was sooo yummy!

Ooh la la!


Our day was pretty low-key. Nothing exciting happened. 
Afterwards I convinced my dad to drive around Toluca to look at houses for rent. And I discovered that almost every where looks like the ghetto. Of course, my dad and I finally decided that out neighborhood looks ghetto too but that we never notice because we always see it. 

We went up on these hills (because I said I wanted to live there) and on the way down the road was so steep (it was way steeper looking in person) that I got butterflies in my stomach! I felt like I was on a roller-coaster at Six Flags. 
And for some reason this church looked like heaven stopping by for a quick visit when I saw it (I mean, it looked beautiful) but once I took a picture and studied it for a while it just began to look like any other Catholic church around here! 

Anyhow, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. And since I believe we should actually give thanks everyday versus once a year ... I mostly love the holiday because of the food! Hey, I might as well be honest, right?! 

So now I will leave you all with one last breath-taking photo.
Lupita, me, and Gaby! 
Lupita is my encourager, my strong friend. And Gaby (even though she is really young) is my happy friend who always makes me laugh (and plus, there is something so refreshing about a young girl who loves God so much)! And I am thankful for them (emphasis on the thankful for all you folks who want me to list the things for which I am thankful)! 

Happy Late Thanksgiving Everyone!
Let's be thankful that the Pilgrims and Indians had food together that one time ... a long time ago. 


P.S. Mom, I called it "Our Turkey Day" just for you (I know how much you hate that)!