Sunday, November 2, 2014

Two Wonders Of Aculco - Tixhiñu" And "La Concepción"

As you can probably tell I have been "so over" blogging lately. But I got a "wild hair", like one of my friends would say, and I decided to start trying to write again!

It's been a couple of months ago already but I have had this post in a draft so I decided to finally post it!

My dad had seen some billboards advertising some waterfalls that are in a town near where we live (approx. 1 1/2 hours away).

So we decided to just get in the car and drive. We really didn't know the exact location of our destination (if that makes sense).
We just drove and drove until my dad started panicking that we had missed the place and started stopping at all these little stores to ask directions!

Finally we saw the sign and turned off.

We entered this little town in search of the GREAT waterfalls.

The has this cute little library!

And there were cobblestone roads.

Pretty flowers lining the streets.

The Catholic church.

When it was all over and we found our way out of the little town we discovered that we never even needed to pass through the town to get to the waterfalls and that we could have stayed on the highway. At least I got some cute pictures out of it!

Pottery on the side of the road.

There were lots of people riding horses around. Guess that is their transportation there,

Random older woman carrying something on her head, My dad was like: "TAKE A PICTURE!! TAKE A PICTURE!"

We drove and drove some more until we rounded a bend in the road and saw this:
Rather looked like a ravine of sorts. My dad decided to stop and ask some people standing around there where the waterfalls were. Immediately we were surrounded by women and children begging us to buy their fruits and offering to guide us to it. I felt a little bad telling them I didn't want their fruit because they looked a little dingy. I guess I do have a bit of compassion in this ole heart of mine!

We walked over to the ledge to see this waterfall.
The ladies said that you could actually get down there but that one of them would have to lead us.

We started the trek over the top of where the waterfall began. 

The lady leading us told us that she had no money to take care of her little baby because her husband had fallen off the top of the cliff and had hurt himself. My dad was all feeling sorry for her and everything. And so he was asking her questions about what he had hurt and the like, She kept pausing like trying to think of something. Ok, maybe I am just a skeptic but it's just that what better way to get money out of my dad then to tell him a pitiful story! Hehehe!
Ok, maybe I don't have any compassion after all!

A random cacti. 

We began the steep descent down the sides of the cliffs,

Me holding up the walls! 

Most of my pictures don't do the place any justice 
So I edited this one and this is really what it looked like!

Missionary Loa in the jungles of Mexico preaching the gospel!


My daddy again.

The local natives were fishing in the little creek. They were looking at me weird when I snapped a picture of this fish in the bucket!

God's beautiful creation.

Of course someone would ruin the scenery with some grafiti. 

Donkeys grazing.

We only stayed there for about 30 minutes and then we left in search of the other waterfall. That one was a bit more difficult to locate.

A girl hauling wood.

Old Indian women sitting by the road.

We finally found it but the place was deserted and we were unable to climb down close to it.

My dad trying to figure out how to take pictures on his phone!

A mushroom! 

My dad trying to find a way down but discovering that there were only sudden drop offs. 

Finally we gave up and decided to go home.
I decided to take this picture to show you all how beautiful the State of Mexico is!

It was all smooth going home until we got stopped by the military. *Sigh*
But they finally let us go after my dad told them that he is a missionary. Works like a charm every time.



P.S. Perhaps I will begin blogging again so stay tuned.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Man From Honduras

There's this interesting man that has been coming to our church for several months now.
My dad met him because he is a woodcarver.
And when I say woodcarver I mean WOODCARVER.
He is very good at what he does.

He took us to see these doors that he carved and painted for a man's house:

You know those had to cost bookoodles of money!

One day my dad took me by his shop to see some of the stuff that he makes.
This was a pile of wood shavings on the floor.

Some of the tools he uses.

This was the finished product.

He's a really funny man. He is very lively and always has something interesting to say. The funny thing is that he is from Honduras. So he will sit in our car (because we always pick him up for church) and tell us all the words that are different in his country. I must say that Honduras has some really strange words, so different from the Spanish I have heard here in Mexico.

Well, when the visitors were down here a few weeks ago Javier (that is his name) decided that he wanted to get baptized.

In the water.

Going under in Jesus' name!

Hopefully he will allow God to continue working in his life (he claims to have spoken in tongues since then). And then maybe he can take his new found faith back to his Honduras and share it with his family there.

Thank you, Jesus, for bringing hungry souls ... even all the way from other countries!!