Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chester Loa Is ...

Everyone knows my cute little fur ball of a ferret named Chester, right?   
Well, if you don't it's too late to get to know him now!
See, alas, he died!

 Okay, I am just kidding.
The sad thing is that I finally got rid of him.
After four years of seeing his lazy self in his bed sleeping I decided that it was time to give him away. 
Me and baby Chester.

Wasn't he so adorable?!

"Hey, mom, why you wanna get rid of me?"
Here it looks like he is growling or being evil or something of the kind, but he is actually the only pet I have ever owned that didn't have a mean bone in his body! 

And to completely contradict the sentence above ...
Here he is biting my shoe!

Well, goodbye, Chester Loa! It was awesome knowing you! We had some beautiful moments together. You made me laugh, and you made me cry. We smiled together and played together. You are greatly missed (okay, not too much). 

P.S. Uncle Jacob, Chester told me to tell you "goodbye".

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