Friday, January 24, 2014

Random Post #673492

HELLOOOOO, my dear blog readers!
I have been absent for over a month now. I apologize. I have very REAL excuses this time though (not that all of my other excuses were not real too)!  I was internet-less for a while and then my computer went on the fritz.  But thankfully everything is back to normal now!

I have so much catching up to do on my blog.

Speaking of catching up, it had been a while since my best friend, Lupita had been over to my house. We hadn't really hung out in a loooong time because she is always busy and everything. So back in December she finally got to come over to my house.

Since it was around Christmas time there were so many options of things that we could do!
SO we chose to go and get tickets for the "Nutcracker" ballet.
So we went downtown Toluca and the only pictures I came away with were a ton of selfies!
Moi et Lupita!

And AGAIN! Here we were just sitting down. We needed to rest because we walked all the way from downtown to my house! LOL! It took us about 45 minutes but it was cool!

Look who we encountered:
The Nutcracker and the Grinch! 
They gave me a balloon! 


A little old lady selling wicker reindeer on the sidewalk. 

When we went to see the "Nutcracker" Lupita was really bored. 
She obviously doesn't know how to apreciate ballet! 

Ok, so it was kind of a ghetto ballet, but it was cool nonetheless. 

Afterwards we snapped a million more selfies!

Well, that was just the beginning of the best end of the year that I could have!

Adios for now!

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