Sunday, February 2, 2014

For The Millionth Time

Yesterday while I was quarantined to my bed for being sick all morning I decided to do some catching up. So expect a few more posts!

For the millionth time in our lives we had to move again (to another house).
I kid you not. This move was the eighth time in eleven years that we have moved to a new house (and that's not even counting the house we lived in for three months when we first moved here to Mexico)!

We have never owned our own house and so if I were to count up all of the times that we have moved in my lifetime it would probably total a thousand times at least!

Well, for once we were happy in our little home on Peaceful Lane (I'm just kidding, it was called Abelardo Rodriguez) and what should happen? After three years of living in that house the owners told us that they were selling it! I, of course, was ecstatic because after twenty-two years of living I have grown accustomed to the life of a nomad (so to speak) and become easily bored when having to stay in one place for a long period of time. 
So we left this house.

And I was a bit distraught that I had to leave behind the two trees that my brother and I had planted by the sweat of our brows.

But we exchanged that for this:
A prettier house that has a HUNDRED doors and locks that are very difficult to get open. I can't even open the gate anymore because it's to heavy!!! 

And a lot more trees!
There are actually even two trees that are awesomer because they are fruit trees.
Peach and Plum. 
(Note: Yes, I realized that I used the word "awesomer" and that it is not really a word!)

 Another cool thing is that there is a park next door.
With exercise machine thingies. 

Mother nearly broke her back!

Ok, not that we will ever go to the park because we have been here about two months already and I haven't been back!

Anyway, we had to go do a deep cleaning.
I nearly broke MY back cleaning places that my parents couldn't reach because they are too old!

I was so worn out afterwards! I felt like I had been lifting 100 lb weights all day!

Mother cleaning the awesome cabinets! Have I ever mentioned that I loooove cabinets in kitchens? See, in the U.S. there are cabinets in all of the houses. Well, in Mexico we have only lived in one other house where there were cabinets, all the other had none. 

Mother: "Don't take my picture."

After the cleaning we started moving. Just me, my dad, and mom.
This was my job, riding in the back of the truck. It seemed glamorous in the beginning but by the end of the day I smelled like truck fumes, outside, and left-over perfume (a very unappealing combination).

By day three we did end up getting help with all of the HUGE and HEAVY furniture that we have.
A few men came to help us from the church.

Me doing all the hard work!

The truck packed FULL. 

And the last run of the night.
This is a terrible picture but the whole truck was filled with all of my Mom's plants. Ridiculous! 

And by the time we had everything moved this is about what the whole house looked like, if not worse.
Of course, I am a creature of habit and well-organized so I had everything put in order in about two hours (in my room at least)!

And look what I saw:
I had forgotten that my brother had graffiti-ed  on the back of my bed frame back when I was into being "green"! Hahaha!
Where did all that global-warming stuff go? 

Peace & Love

P.S. Oh, I totally forgot to mention how small the door to this house is and so when we went to take our humongous sofa inside ... it wouldn't fit! 
Bye bye, old living room furniture that we really loved.

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