Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Getting OLD

So it's kind of old news now but ...
January rolled around.
And I think it's the greatest thing to be born in January because then you don't have to wait all year to have your birthday because then it's always right after the New Years!

For my birthday I decided that I wanted to go to an Argentinian restaurant that is in the mall. I don't know why but it always smells so heavenly when you pass by it.
So we went there and my dad just randomly chooses an appetizer.
Carpaccio de Res (it was beef).
This is what came out. And my dad was like: "IS THAT RAW MEAT?!" Of course, we didn't want to act like we hadn't known what we ordered and so he ate it. He wanted me to try some but I don't like meat when it is cooked, much less when it looks raw.

Afterwards I get home and google it (because we know google has all of the answers) and, lo and behold, it WAS raw meat!
Who in their sane mind would actually enjoy eating raw flesh from a cow, or any animal for that matter?!

My mom made me a cake, and my dad bought me roses.
The cake looked rather ghetto! Haha! But it tasted GOOD!
(And even though my shirt appears to be catching fire it really did not!)

I had to go teach keyboard lessons but before I left a taxi man arrived with some flowers for ME!!
They were SOOOO pretty! I loved them!

After piano lessons the girl who I teach told me to go over to her house. Her family had made a dinner for me and had cake!!
Me, awkwardly cutting the cake! I really hate doing that! 

People are so sweet to me around here on my birthday~
Look at the little cakes that a couple of people gave me!

And gifts!!!

Plus, I got more flowers!!!
What can I say? 
People just love me!

And then my Sunday School kids had a little party for me!
Feliz Cumpleaños Dacia

And I only thought my mom's cake was ghetto!
This was their cake! It was actually very creative and very sweet of them to do that for me!
I do love those kids even if they do test my patience!


And with that I will bid you all farewell.

P.S. If you wanna know how old I turned ... tough. I will tell no one!

Just kidding!
I will proudly announce my old age to the whole world!
I turned 23!!!

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