Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Years

For New Years Day we had a party scheduled for the whole church.
(I actually rang in the year with friends and tons of fireworks but I didn't take any pictures.)

We got to the taco shop where the party was being held.
And these were about the only people who showed up.
Okay, I think a few more moseyed in later but half of the church people did not show up.

SO then I went around taking a few pictures.

The boys throwing firecrackers at each other!

Some of them made a bonfire.

It was soooo cozy! 
I was sitting on the ground for half of the time! Well, until they told me to get up because the dogs had done their business there.
He. He. He.

And I think this is going to become a tradition for our New Years parties.

The kids took their turns!

 El Pastor had to take a turn and so then he made all of the other men do too!
Dad spinning Nacho around!

And afterwards everyone wanted me to hit it just because they all remembered how I busted it open with one whack last year! But alas, this year I did not get to bust it open!

And my only picture of the night!
Me and Carlos!

Over all it was a very boring night! Haha! Which is why I have nothing interesting to say!

But this is going to be a GREAT year. I just know it!
Well, at least I hope so!
I'm trying to be more positive! 

So a Happy Late New Year to you all!


P.S. And does anyone else notice just how fast this year is already going by?????

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