Monday, February 3, 2014

To The Land Of The Volcano

At the end of December the Wakefields had their annual (I think) conference.
This time my dad was going to be preaching a couple of times.
So for the first time ever I decided to go (mostly because I wanted to see Bethany). 

Lupita and I thought our spots were reserved in MY parents vehicle.
So we started out there but then had to move to another vehicle that some man was driving.
I will save the rant I feel like ranting about that has to do with my dad not letting me ride in my own vehicle!
BUT ...
Can I just take a moment to say how annoying the ride was?! 
The man (who did come to church but was not baptized or anything) had ungodly music blasting the whole time. And he was talking the whole time, yelling things I cannot repeat at people who "didn't know how to drive". And to top it all off he was using his sing-song, squeaky voice that just irritated the living daylights out of me!

But I maintained control over my raging anger (yeah, sometimes I have anger issues) and just smiled and laughed at his jokes that he insisted on telling. And then he tried talking to me and I was as polite as can be. See, I have self-control!

Once we got near Puebla we began to see the peak of one of their volcanoes.
Of course, it wasn't the Popocatepetl, for which I was glad because I always sort of freak out when I see that one because I don't want to be near it when it EXPLODES!

I mean, it's creepy enough that when you are entering their state it says: 
Volcano State Alert 
That doesn't make me feel any better!

I really didn't take that many pictures of the conference (because I forgot).
My dad got up to play the guitar and sing though.

My dad, again. 

Bethany, Me, & Nicole!

We were there for two days (and I even went to stay the night with Bethany) but those were all of the pictures that I took! Shame on me!

After another tortuous ride we were finally back at my house where we encountered COLD weather. Okay, it wasn't that cold but for some reason our new house stays VERY cold inside and especially in my bedroom because the ceiling is high.
So Lupita and I decided to stay in bed all day and drink coffee and listen to Odyssey!
(We listened to it in English, but can I just state how EXCITED I am that they are putting it out in Spanish now too!!!!!!)

You can't really tell but Templeton was there keeping us warm too!

See, he was all curled up, cute and sweet!

Of course, then he turned into his monster self.
And began climbing all over my furniture.

And trying to kill already dead rabbits!
For some reason he really likes my rabbit's foots (He. He.) that I have. I guess it makes him feel wild and free to have some helpless animal fur in his mouth. Silly cat!


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Kristen said...

I love that picture of templeton..he looks like he is stalking something