Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Anniversary

After a whole year of not visiting Pastor Trevino graced us with his presence again!
And we had our twelve year anniversary services (because the church has officially been here for that long now). Our church has two anniversaries! The first one is in February when my dad first came to preach to the people in 2002 (I think). And our second anniversary is in July when my family moved here that same year!

Pastor Morgan from Louisiana preached and it was really awesome!

He also sang some songs, but they must have been like some old country church songs or something because I had never heard them!

Pastor Trevino preaching. I really enjoy his preaching! 

We had a few visitors from other churches but I don't know who they were.
Like this little man who is a pastor from somewhere here in Mexico.

The most exciting thing about the whole week was that several of my Sunday School kids got baptized!
I was excited because I had been talking to them about the Holy Ghost and baptism.

Seven of the eight kids who got baptized are my kids!! Talk about being one proud teacher!

Pastor Trevino saying some words.

Gerardo. I think he's going to grow up to be a preacher (maybe)!



He also just received the Holy Ghost!




It's so beautiful to see these little kids growing up without worldly influences and getting a love for God in their hearts. I hope that they continue in this truth once they grow up.

We had some good services!

I got a picture with Belem (the Sunday School teacher of the little kids).

Lupita, Me & Gaby (the only girls I ever seem to take pictures with).

At the end of our three day "conference" we had a meal. But alas, I totally forgot to take any pictures and so this terrible one below is the only thing I took.  
I think everyone was bowing their heads while praying for the food!

Well, I guess this is the end!
He. He.


Jennifer Connell said...

Love this! I love seeing Sunday school kids come to God. It's so awesome!

Dacia Loa said...

I do too! It makes my heart happy!