Monday, March 31, 2014

A Trip To See The Animals

I was bored ... and so I got my dad to take me to the zoo.
We hadn't been to the zoologico in Toluca in a long time.

These were my favorite animals.

Guess who!

This HUGE lion.
It was very comforting to know that the only thing standing between me and this lion's teeth was the chain link fence!

A peacock!

Personally, I think the female peacocks are prettier!

This dude always looks bored.

And the gorilla was begging for popcorn!

Rip, Snort, & Scraunch -the coyotes. 

The bear!

Me and my dad.

 Award for "The Most Amusing Exhibit" goes to:
Canis Familiaris a.k.a domestic dogs.
I mean, seriously, why are there dogs in the zoo??

Need proof?
Here is the sign. See, I wasn't lying. They really were there.

"Most Awkward Picture" award goes to:
The peacock. 
Has anyone ever actually looked to see how ridiculous they look from behind?

And an honorary mention to this exhibit:
Titled: Homo Sapiens At Work.

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