Friday, March 7, 2014

Mr. President Came To Town

Guess who came to Toluca?!
That's right! President Barrack Hussein Obama!
Okay, if you hadn't heard about that then I suppose you weren't expecting that.

I really don't know why (because I don't care) but some sort of official meeting between the Mexico president, U.S. president and the prime minister of Canada was held here. 

This North American Leaders Summit caused a flurry of activity here in Toluca.

My dad and I went out a couple of days before they would arrive.

We went to the Central De Abastos (it's just a BIG market).

We were just running errands ... you know, buying toilet paper (Ha. Ha.)!

Well, we had a good laugh because we realized that they were really preparing BIG TIME for these foreigners' visit.
Fountains that are never on ... were on.

And you can't really tell but this median that is always piled with trash ...
... had no trash.

Everywhere we turned there was construction.

Paving and striping the roads!

There were police everywhere!

Those were all military helicopters!

And they put up a nice welcome sign!

And for the first time ever I saw an AMERICAN flag flying in Mexico! I felt so happy to see it!

And the day that Obama arrived ... I saw the whole thing because I was circling overhead in the sky in my helicopter! ;)

Okay, I am sure no one reading this feels excited about the whole thing! But it was a pretty big exciting to me so get over it! 

Bye bye!!


Kristen said...

That is hilarious that they put in an effort to be appealing!!! The fountain part made me downright laugh! Surprise they still work :D

Kristen said...

Maybe they should come more often so they'd keep it cleaner and fix more roads :D
Also, I can believe Dad still buys that big thing of toilet paper when there's only 3 of y'all :'D

Dacia Loa said...

For real! I had NEVER seen that fountain on before! It looked pretty! Hehe! ... Yeah, I guess dad just believes in saving money and that's why he still buys the big pack! :D

Lucy Araújo said...

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