Monday, March 3, 2014

The Things I Write About My Best Friend ...

The whole week of the services Lupita decided to come crash at my house.
We decided that we would do a TON of fun stuff!
Of course, we always have good intentions but someone (ahem) is always too tired and sleepy to do anything.

She had been wanting some of my world famous (He. He.) chocolate chip cookies so I told her that it would be a good time to make them. So she helped me a little bit.

Pouring the butter into the mix. 


Me washing off the eggs. 
Am I the only person that has some sort of egg phobia and feels the urgent need to wash them with soap before cracking them?? Maybe I am weird? Or does everyone do that?

And a picture with her acting like she knows what she's doing!

Of course, what Lupita didn't know is that it takes all night to make all the sixty something cookies. She soon got bored and fell asleep, snoring, of course, while I was left baking all of the rest of the thousand cookies! 

And so the days continued with her always falling asleep. And she told me not to quote her or anything which is exactly why I am blogging about this! Never tell me not to or I will! 

One night we decided that we wanted to sleep in a tent. I found our tent and we went onto the roof. Lupita claimed to know how to put one together (I have never done it before).
I pulled the tent out.

Templeton decided to sit in the bag.

Lupita tried and tried. But she only thought she knew what she was doing ... well, we soon discovered that to get the dumb thing set up that we needed soft ground to drive the stakes into. So then we got discouraged and gave up ... because she was sleepy again.

So yeah, that's pretty much the end of our adventures. I had fun with Grandma Lupita and I'm glad she got to stay with me. And I suppose I should really quit blogging about her but I do it because I know it irks her!
Ha. Ha. Ha.

Peace out!
The Annoying Best Friend.

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