Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Was Arrested!!!

I am guilty.
Here I am writing from jail.
I don't know how this happened.
All I can say is that I am sorry. Very sorry.
(And I just realized that my words form a pyramid.)
What am I talking about? Well, I am guilty ... of using a misleading title to draw readers in. See, I am under arrest ... by the BLOG POLICE!
Anyway, I haven't blogged in a looong time. A couple of months, I think. But all is well.
I have just been away. Away from home.
We had to go to the U.S. of A.


The morning/day that we left I decided to take a few pictures!
My poor baby Templeton (my cat) was on the roof crying his heart out.
He is that white blob you see on the roof!

When we got to Nuevo Laredo I was surprised by how desolate it looked. The road we were on had a bunch of abandoned buildings that had clearly been vandalized.
And like everywhere in Mexico ... there were police driving around with their machine guns and masks!

I was trying to sneak a picture of some of the military dudes! 

When we were getting ready to cross we had a good laugh at this sign below:
"Move Forward Until Lane Clears"
My dad (the comedian) had us imagining moving forward until the lane is clear ... clear because your car cleared it of any other cars! 

After we arrived in Texas the first thing we did was go see Lyric ... I mean, my sister. I can't speak for my parents but I know I was going to see Kristen as well, not just the baby! He! He! He!
Grandpa and Lyric 
It's a miracle that she was smiling in this picture because she seemed pretty scared of us all!

But I went to stay with my sister and before it was all over Lyric loved her auntie!

Gigi and Lyric!

Kristen, Lyric & Grandpa

Most of the time I do not miss my family because I am just not the kind of person to miss anyone. But I really enjoyed getting to hang out with my brother and sister! They are the best!
Us Loa "kids" and baby!!!

Little Fults family!

I didn't really do much of anything while I was in the U.S. and so that accounts for the lack of interesting pictures! I am sorry but I have grown weary of traveling and so I no longer accompany my parents when they travel around.

My brother did take me to the lake though! 
I was supposed to be jumping off these cliffs but ... alas, I am a chicken when it comes to heights. I was only able to jump off a 7 ft. cliff and that was only because my brother grabbed my hand and dragged me in!

 My days in Texas were mostly spent with my brother and his new dog that he adopted while I was there!
Guero and Jacob!

Look at his sweet HUGE face!

 Mother's Day was spent with my mother.
For the first time in our lives Jacob and I went and bought gifts for our mom! 
HAHA! We are terrible children! But we do love her a lot!

And right before we left I decided to take some more pictures!
Me and Jacob!
I miss him!

My friend, Hannah, Me, and Jacob!

Me, Jacob & Kristen!

Anyway, sorry for neglecting my blog but I really didn't have any internet connection while I was in the U.S.

Hopefully I will have something interesting to blog about soon!
Peace & Love!

P.S. Just wanted to leave you all with one more picture!



The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Yay! You're back to blogging (maybe! Ha!)


Kristen said...

Haha that picture of Templeton is funny! Poor guy probably knew y'all were going to be gone a while.

Mary~Elizabeth Bafford said...

Haha! Dacia that was the PERFECT way to grab attention! lol I also am under arrest by the blog police (I assume you mean Mary Ginty?) You have inspired me! I am working on my massive post as we speak:)