Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My House Was Vandalized ...

Look what happened!!

I promise I have no idea how it happened!
I got home and this is how it looked!

Okay, confession time!

I don't understand how this happens to me every time my parents are not at home. It doesn't matter how long they are gone, be it one hour or five months, this always happens. Some might say that I am irresponsible. Perhaps I am. Who can truly know?

But this time I promise it was different. I DID take my keys outside with me. They just happened to be the wrong keys. See, Mexican doors are not the same as American doors. One cannot go outside without having keys and not get locked out. Because these doors lock as soon as you shut them. 'Tis a tragedy really for people like me. 

This is the second time that I have busted out this window in the past six months.
My poor daddy is going to be upset that he has to replace it once more.
Sorry, daddy!

The problem is that there are so many doors at this house. I am still not used to all the locks and the keys that those locks require.

When I got locked out the other day I noticed that I had accidentally grabbed the key to the gate below (instead of my house key):
I decided that I would go to the church to find the man that had an extra pair of keys for my house. But, alas, I could not get this gate to open. It wouldn't even budge. I don't know whether I am just weak or if it will only open for the mightiest of men, like Hercules. 

(I do not know why I am talking about Hercules though. I have no clue who he is but it seemed to fit what I was saying. HAHA!)

The bad thing about the gate not opening is that I was basically trapped inside my yard with no way out (I can't jump over the wall 'cause there is a fence on top) but locked outside of my house. And to make matters worse ... it was fixing to pour rain!
Now you understand my plight (hopefully)!

I will now present my defense.

Allow me to show you the other doors in my house. They ALL have keys.









There is actually another door too but I figure that by now you get the picture!

So in my defense with ALL these doors it is easy to mistake which set of keys I am carrying!

Therefore my house was not vandalized by me but by the desperate girl who often gets trapped in the yard!


P.S. The weird this about this post is that I was writing the whole things with a British accent in my mind!

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Israel Loa said...

Dacia I think it´s high time you started to own up to your deficiencies. Love, Yo Daddy.