Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Last Day

This day (surprisingly) dawned cloudy and with the smell of rain in the breeze. My parents and I always joke around about how Toluca is always rainy all year round until the weeks that Pastor Trevino visits. It never fails that when he comes down suddenly the weather clears up and the skies are blue and the sun shines, which is nice. 

It actually rained though. And I mean it POURED! 
There was hail everywhere (I was at home, fortunately).

They all came over to our house to get out of the rain. It was really strange having so many Americans inside our house. Actually it was weird having so many people in our house period. We never have anyone over. 
The guys all gathered around our keyboard and played and sang. They all stood there harmonizing, beautifully I might add. 

That night at church we had several baptisms.

German finally got baptized.

Marco Antonio


And this was a little girl named Abdi, but everyone was blocking my view and so I didn't get a picture!

My dad decided that he was going to sing and play his guitar that night.
Good ole dad!

People flooded the altar.


JD on the bass.

They got up to sing a choir song. Too bad we only had two mics and so you couldn't really hear them that well.

My dad was trying to follow them on the guitar! 
Ha! Ha! Ha!

Bro. Fontanez preached.

People in the altar!

I used the time after service to FINALLY take pictures with everyone (I'm so bad about that).
Cathy and me.

Yaoska and me.

Me and Mary.

The whole group of women, plus me and my mom.

Karla and me.

All those girl are so sweet!

The guys stood around afterwards messing around on the instruments.
It was nice and all except that everyone in from church was waiting for us to get to the taco shop for our customary meal. Alas, I completely forgot to take pictures of that though!

Anyway, I have come to the end. 
It was nice to have all of them come. I hope they all come back again. It is always fun to be around people my age.