Monday, August 4, 2014

Visiting Malinalco

Every time we have visitors down it is only natural to take them sight-seeing. The higher powers decided that they wanted to go to Malinalco, a little tropical town that is only about an hour from Toluca.
The attraction is an archaeological site that has some old ruins.

But instead this is what we saw:
This may sound evil because I know they all probably would have enjoyed seeing those ruins, but I was really relieved that it was closed. You see, I have been up there several times and did not relish the thought of having to climb all the way back up there again. There's my lazy side coming out again!

Instead we all went to walk around the "zocalo" (town square).

They saw an ice cream shop and so we all trekked over to eat ice cream. Someone payed for mine (one of the perks of being a missionary's daughter!)! :P
"Malinalli: The Flavor of the Gods"
That's what it was called.

A bucket of fruit ... with a million bees all over it.

The beautiful scenery!

Lily, Karla, and me.

 We stopped at this wood shop.

I just had to take a picture of this wood carving!
It's supposed to be President Obama! Ha! Ha! Ha!

On the long ride back to Toluca JD sat in the back of our vehicle! Poor him! 
There's NO WAY I would have volunteered to sit back there!

A woman and her donkey. I guess he was carrying her stuff.

A weird ... thing ... that we passed.

Afterwards we went to eat a bunch of pork tacos. *scrunch nose*
Cathy was the only one who noticed me taking a picture!

Well, those are the pictures that I took of that. Not many good ones I realize! 
It was fun to hang out with all them anyway!


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Kristen said...

It seems as though a couple of those pictures, I have the same exact ones- from when we went there. LOL!