Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy New Years ... A Month Later!

To kick off the New Year back in the beginning of January we had a three day revival with the Gonzalez family who were down visiting from the U.S. 

Everyone always really enjoys hearing Bro. Gonzalez preach.
This time he really focused on the Holy Ghost and how so many people needed to not only receive it for the first time but to also be renewed. 

He really gave it his all and preached his heart out.

We got to hear the lovely Cesiah sing

And her brother Israel accompanied her on the drums.

God really moved. So many people were touched.

These six received the Holy Ghost for the first time!

Everyone crowded around the altar praying.

Some of these were people who received the Holy Ghost for the first time and others were renewed.

And here also were many who were renewed.

Our church was blessed to have them come and minister. 
Many thanks to the Gonzalez family!

Me, Lupita, and Cesiah.

Of course I had to take pictures with my long time friend, Cesiah, but I will spare you having to see the rest of them! 



Hannah DeAnne:) said...

Well it's about time!!!:D

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Our people love the Gonzales family too! He connects with the people in a really unique way.
Sounds like you guys had some good services!


Dacia Loa said...

@Bethany He is very entertaining. It's hard to fall asleep when he is preaching! HEHEHE! We did have some really amazing services!

Cesiah Gonzalez said...

We had such a great time being with you all Dacia! I'm soo glad we were able to go to Toluca this year :) Miss you and hope to see you soon friend!!!