Saturday, February 21, 2015

How To Climb A Volcano

A couple of months ago it snowed on the volcano. Every week or so it would snow at least once. With every fresh wave of snow I would whine and complain to my dad, and to anyone who would listen, that I really, really, REALLY wanted to go up and see the snow because it's been years since I have touched snow (because other than on the volcano it doesn't snow in Toluca). 

After week upon week of insistent begging my dad agreed to take me. 
(Of course by the time we got around to going the majority of the snow had melted.)


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This was a picture from when we were still in the car driving up there.

A long time ago they used to let you drive all the way into the crater of the volcano (BTW, it's dormant) but now you have to stop before you get there and climb up a fairly steep slope to go look out into the crater.

We started climbing and after only a few steps our hearts were beating so fast that we had to stop walking and rest. 

We made it halfway up and that's when we saw the horses.
We asked how much it cost to rent them and they said 100 pesos per person so we were like "ne'ermind".

Me and my daddy!

OH, and I forgot to mention it but since her house was on the way we decided to stop by and pick up Lupita so that she could go with us.
Lupita a.k.a Monse.

Well, we hiked all the way up the slope to look down into the crater and then I got bored so I suggested that we climb up higher. It didn't really look too high and there was snow up higher so we just HAD to keep going up.
My daddy was having a hard time because of his asthma.

Me and Lupita reached the snow and turned to each other and said: "Do you wanna build a snowmaaaan??" 

We didn't have any carrots or hats though and so we had to improvise.
I found him some cute rock eyes, a nose and a hat. He actually looks more like a penguin. 

We saw this and thought, "We're almost to the top."

My dad climbed ahead so that I could take a picture of him!


 Once we reached the top of that peak we realized: "Ooooh, it keeps going even higher."
We sat down to rest.

My dad: "Get up and pretend to climb so I can take a picture."

Lupita on the side of a drop off. We showed this picture to her mom and she freaked out!!

On one of the many rests we decided to eat snow.
Lupita praying for her snow.

We were really thirsty and so this was the only water we had!

My dad was still climbing up.

When he finally reached us I caught this picture of him eating snow too! Ha. Ha. Ha.
Afterwards he made Lupita paranoid by telling her that dogs had probably used the bathroom in the snow! I told her: "Well, if it wasn't yellow ..." 

After we finally made it to the very top we sat up there for about thirty minutes before we climbed down.

Climbing down was much more difficult than climbing up. I suggested that we slide down the side of the mountain in the snow but I was out-voted. 

The way we went down ... I wanted to just throw myself off a cliff because it was really difficult. The rocks were loose and there was mud and sand and it was just ... HORRIBLE. I even went falling forward on my face and tumbled halfway down the mountain in the snow before I could stop myself on a sharp boulder jutting out of the ground. Boy, it hurt. 

Lupita was having an even more difficult time getting down because she didn't have boots on like I did.

Well, after I fell a couple of times on my face and hurt myself I got angry and so I just walked over to the snow and slid the rest of the way down on my behind. Ha. Ha.

Since I made it back to the bottom first I walked around snapping pictures of the flora and fauna.
These are some weird, awesome cactus-y stiff thorny flowers that grow up there.

A bunch of pretty blue birds started flying around me and I stood still trying to get some good pictures of them.
He's on the rock!

But then this friendly dog came  running through the grass and scared all of the birds away.
I was talking to her in English but she wasn't listening to me and so I realized, oh, duh, she speaks Spanish! So then I spoke to her in Spanish and she was obeying me.

 This is where we came down from. It is much higher in person than it looks in the picture.

 The dog took off running up the side of the mountain to go see my dad and Lupita.

 This is a cool picture of Lupita sliding down in the snow, following the trail I left her! HA! HA! HA!

We were so tired when we were all reunited.

Lupita and I sat down and examined our wounds.

Mine really didn't turn out to be that bad. But it sure did hurt! 

Lupita's says: "Take a picture of my cut, it looks really cool!"

And so ended our adventure.


You actually wanted to know HOW  to climb a volcano? 
Well, that's easy.


You just put one foot in front of the other, and repeat.



Mary Frances said...

Haha!!! That was a cute/funny post!!! I'm glad that your blogging again!!! :)

Dacia Loa said...

Thanks!!! I just go through times where I have "writer's block"! He. He. And then after a while it goes away and I feel inspired again! :D

Amber Vyn said...

Hi Dacia,

Great pics on this blog!

Do you know of any English speaker clubs or meet-ups in the Toluca/Metepec area?