Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The BIG Two-Four

So as only my closest friends would know, it was my birthday back in January.

Every year I look forward to my birthday just because, like everybody else, I LOVE receiving gifts.

[On a side note, I have recently learned how to correctly spell "receive". I struggled for the longest time with that word and was completely confounded that I could not memorize it because I pride myself on being a superb speller. So, here is a tip for everyone who struggles with that word as I did. 
" 'I' before 'E', except after 'C' " ( though there are a some exceptions).
You're welcome.]

We have a tradition in our house that on our birthday we get to choose where we eat.
 I chose P.F. Changs (because, other than Taco Bell, it is my favorite place to eat).

Mongolian Beef ... THE BEST! 

My lovely parents.

After filling up on Chinese food I went home and only had a couple of hours to get "unfull" and then some other lovely people took me to "Espadas Do Brasil", a Brazilian restaurant.

Me with the yummy food, before they started bringing all of the meat out.
Meat, meat, meat. It was like the quail that God sent the Israelites when they asked for meat. There  was so much that soon it was coming out of our ears and nostrils.

Lovely Gaby who was with me.

 Afterwards I went to their house and they had cake for me.
They forgot to buy any candles and so they pulled out some used candles from one of their daughter's birthday. It was 12. So you can guess which age I turned according to the candles (here's a hint: twenty-one). He. He.

They started singing "Las Mananitas" to me. It went on for about four looong verses. Halfway though the song the candles ran out. 

Flowers for my birthday! 

And last, but definitely not least ...


Anyway, I can't believe how OLD I am getting. 
But life is great and God is good. 


Jennifer Connell said...

Hi, Dacia!

Happy Belated Birthday. :) I enjoy reading your blog from time to time and wanted to say "hi!"

I before E, except after C. WEIRD. lol English is so confusing..

-Jen Connell

Mary Frances said...

Buuuuut you didn't tell us what you got!!!

Hannah DeAnne:) said...

Who's house was that? :P hehe

Dacia Loa said...

@Jennifer ... Thank you!!! It always nice to know I have readers out there! :D
And yes, English can be very weird! And you especially realize that once you start learning other languages.

Dacia Loa said...

@Mary Well, now, that's because they were top secret gifts. ;) ... Naw, mostly just clothes. :D But I like to take pictures of the packages more than the actual gifts! HAHAHA!

Dacia Loa said...

@Hannah ... the girl who was in the picture with me (Gaby), I was at her house!!! :P